How to conduct a corporate fitness challenge


Book your event through our automated form, or in dialogue with us.

Privacy of data


All participants receive a personal invitation and a personal account for web and mobile phone.

We help you develop an inspiring startup-mail and maybe a poster for the office wall.


Participants create teams that can be given names, pictures, motto, etc. - the teams compete against each other.


Participants may choose to log in with passwords, Facebook or Google login.


With the website (also available for your intranet), activities can be recorded and the standing can be seen.

The website is a social network - specifically designed to motivate based on what other teams do.


Your personal page is open to all and show what you have achieved.


The race includes challenges and medals - which shows that the participants has achieved something special.


The web site is also available in a simplified mobile version so participants can register activities on the way home from a sports activity.


Each week we will contact all teams with personalized cheering and status.

Our letter contains statistics and funny comments on progress in the race.


You can also choose to show the race and progress in your reception with Android pads.


A longer period increases the chances that participants will enter the new healthy habits - our proposal is 8 weeks

Participants can set up their own goals in the race period.

What rules apply?

The training race is obviously based on trust - and that it's all about having fun!

How long is the race period?

A longer period increases the chance of the participants will establish new healthy habits and a shorter means that participants do not lose motivation. We suggest that a normal competition lasts about 8 weeks

We believe that the key is that the race runs for so long that the staff will get into new routines - so it becomes a long term investment.

Who wins and what happens after the race?